Contact: Charlotte van Sluijs

Rusthoeve (Agrarisch Innovatie & Kenniscentrum Rusthoeve - translated: Agricultural Innovation and Knowledge centre Rusthoeve) is the innovation and knowledge centre for the agricultural sector. We facilitate research into arable farming and vegetable crops on the approximately 100 hectares of land that belong to the farm and on trial plots on external sites. We also test and demonstrate new, innovative techniques. Rusthoeve is GEP-certified and recognised by TNG. This enables research to be conducted into the approval of crop protection products without an exemption for testing being required. As a certified research institute we safeguard our independent and objective position.


Rusthoeve is an experimental farm for innovative developments. We provide the facilities for cutting edge research into the application of precision farming techniques. The expertise and knowledge at the centre is translated in practical and innovative solutions for agricultural entrepreneurs. The experimental farm closely monitors developments taking place in the field of technology, and is then the first to put these new concepts into practice.


Rusthoeve aims to create a link between growers, the business community and research institutes. The main activity at the experimental farm is developing and disseminating knowledge for the arable farming sector. We do this by formulating knowledge questions, performing research, holding demonstrations, and developing and spreading knowledge. In this respect we collaborate closely with other parties. For instance, the experimental farm is part of various chain knowledge networks focussing on a range of crops. We also organise open days several times a year. The Agricultural Innovation and Knowledge Centre maintains structural collaborative links with diverse partners in the fields of research, advice and education. This includes applied research, training courses, work-based learning, internships and providing information and advice. Our partners in education are agricultural training institutes and Universities of Applied Science. Together with research partners from many different countries we cooperate on developing various crops. By uniting the disciplines of practical applications, research, the business sector and education, practically based innovations can be developed rapidly.

Role and main tasks within the project:

  • As project leader in work package 3, Rusthoeve takes the lead in testing and research for the agronomical, sustainable and economical production of Russian dandelion.
  • Main task is to organize and conduct trials that will provide sufficient data to optimize the production, harvest and storage of Russian dandelion with regard to the environmental and economical aspects.
  • Rusthoeve will, next to conducting trials, take the lead in subletting necessary trials at other work package members. Will gather all data and take the lead in processing the outcome.