JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH


Maria Hingsamer

JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, one of the largest non-university research institutions in Austria, is employing around 430 highly qualified staff members thematically structured in 5 research institutes. The role of JOANNEUM RESEARCH as an innovative partner for business and administration is reflected in its wide range of services: applied research and development for small and medium-sized enterprises is supplemented by custom-designed technical business consulting and vast expertise in interdisciplinary management of complex research contracts at a national and international level. The research group Energy and Bioresources at the Institute for Water, Energy and Sustainability has broad expert knowledge in specific energy technologies and energy systems as well as their interrelation with industry, the environment and society. The competences of the research group comprise technological, economical, ecological and social aspects of various energy technologies and systems. Activities focus on technology development, the evaluation of different technologies in respect to their sustainability (life cycle sustainability assessment), stakeholder involvement, and project management in national and international funded undertakings. 

Role and main tasks within the project:

JOANNEUM RESEARCH is leader of WP 8 "Dissemination & Exploitation" and WP 7 "Economic analysis and life cycle assessment". The main tasks in WP 7 are the economic and environmental assessment of the production of rubber and inulin from TKS. Joanneum Research will contribute with the knowledge of life cycle sustainability assessment especially economic analysis and life cycle analysis (LCA). Main tasks in WP 8 are besides continuous communication and dissemination the preparation of the dissemination and exploitation plan, as well as the project website.