Dr Kamila Magzieva and

Ms Sulushash Magziyeva or

Dr Nailya Kabysheva or

The Independent Expert Consulting Board to Promote Scientific Research Activity in Kazakhstan, InExCB-KZ, is created in 2002 by key researchers of Kazakhstan in order to support involvement of the Kazakh scientific community into EU research programs (result of the EU FP5 project No ICA2-CT-2000-50004). InExCB-KZ consists of 42 persons, from which: 7 persons are the InExCB-KZ founders – members of the decision making body (council); 8 persons are workers of the executive body (directorate); 27 persons are scientists in the different research fields (independent experts). Structure of the InExCB-KZ allows inviting to the project any experts necessary for the certain activity for long and short term. The InExCB-Kz is hosting organization of the all EU Framework Programmes’, including EU Horizon 2020, National Coordinator office in Kazakhstan (H2020-NCP-KZ), H2020 INCO NCP-KZ, H2020 Health NCP-KZ, and office of the Advisor to Member of the European Parliament Struan Stevenson, and councilor to the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Role and main tasks within the project:

InExCB-KZ is responsible for the management of the project tasks in Kazakhstan, including activities of the researchers and selected subcontractor. InExCB-KZ as third country participant of the project will:

  • facilitate bringing research results closer to market by supporting cooperation with the Kazakh research and innovation communities (WP8). In aspects of the demonstration project InExCB-Kz will provide market analysis in Kazakhstan, research of economic impact of the project in Kazakhstan and undertake number of activities to bring closer the project results to the local market and support SME and industry of Kazakhstan to benefit from the project results, and finally support technology transfer of the project results to Kazakhstan;
  • will realize agronomical field work in Kazakhstan to analyse TKS cultivation under local conditions in Kazakhstan (WP3). InExCB-KZ will be responsible for sowing, trials, testing, adaptation and evaluation of the potential productivity of TKS, selecting most productive TKS genotypes, analysis of field trials and harvest for conditions in southeastern Kazakhstan and develop agricultural technology for their cultivation. The scientists of InExCB-KZ will perform the agronomical trials and InExCB-Kz will select an eligible subcontractor, providing necessary lands and field engines for the needs of the project and realizing tillage and necessary agricultural activities, in accordance to the rules on sub-contracting in FP7 programs;
  • transfer of the technology of TKS breeding and development to the Kazakh industry and SME via the organization of a workshop for stakeholders in Kazakhstan and support the project implementation by possibilities of the Kazakh industry and business societies (WP8).