Contact: Jan Kirschner


The Institute of Botany is a medium-sized research institute and a major centre of botanical research in the country. The principal activity of the IBOT is scientific research covering field botanical disciplines, especially taxonomy and biosystematics of higher and lower plants, karyology, evolutionary biology, phytogeography, the study of vegetation, the ecology of species and communities, ecophysiology and population biology, ecotoxicology, the study of functions, regeneration, protection and management ofpopulations and ecosystems, biomonitoring. Furthermore, the IBOT provides care of genetic collections and is responsible for the regeneration, maintenance and management of Pruhonice Park.

Role and main tasks within the project:

  • Task 2.2 Recurrent backcrossing with apomictic polyploid dandelion species
  • Task 4.1 Measurements of gene flow using molecular markers
  • Task 4.2 Analysis of competition
  • Task 4.3 Vulnerability of the natural populations and the conservation status
  • WP7: contribution to economic and ecological life cycle analysis
  • WP8: contribution to dissemination and exploitation activities