Contact: Nico Gevers


Apollo Tyres Global R&D B.V. is a Dutch tyre manufacturer that is part of Apollo Tyres Ltd from India. Apollo Tyres is a multinational with offices and production locations in countries such as India, South Africa and the Netherlands. With its head office in the Indian Gurgaon, Apollo Tyres Ltd is a young, dynamic company that takes pride in its unique identity. Apollo Tyres Global R&D is responsible for the development and testing of all car-tyres for all brands of Apollo Tyres Ltd. (e.g. Apollo, Vredestein, Dunlop). The company employs over 100 R&D-specialists from all over the world. Our ambitious goals place huge demands on the company’s R&D department. A wide variety of projects are tackled within multi-disciplinary project teams. The aim is to market products that, in terms of performance, are competitive with the best products available. The Quality Assurance unit maintains and manages the quality systems (e.g. ISO 9001, VDA 6).

The Material Group has access to a superbly equipped chemistry, physics and factory laboratory. They study alternative raw materials, compounds and reinforcing materials. The Construction Group is responsible for the specifications and the building of tyre prototypes as well as the final production specifications. The Process Technology Group takes full advantage of current processes and studies the possibilities of new and improved process technologies.

Role and main tasks within the project:

ATG is WP Leader of WP6, here Apollo Tyres Global R&D will test on lab scale a certain number of Dandelion natural rubber samples. When larger amounts of rubber will be available, Apollo Tyres Global R&D will perform a test program with a series of experimental passenger car tyres, with Russian Dandelion rubber. The test program will include testing on several tyre performance characteristics (e.g. high speed endurance, rolling resistance, braking dry and wet roads, snow and ice performance and wear resistance).