2nd Annual Innovative TBR Tire Development Forum 8th - 9th June 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tires are remarkable pieces of engineering. At high speed in slippery bends they provide only a few square centimetres of contact with the road, yet they help a driver steer safely around the corner.

Demand for truck tires on a global basis is experiencing annual growth and the expectation are for this pace to continue for next decade. Within the truck segment there is an increasing pressure on the tire makers to help attain fuel economy and emissions goals. Most of major tire manufacturers announced the increase of tire prices from 2017 by up to 8%, one of the main reasons being the rising cost of raw materials. The industry also has to keep up with coming developments in the truck and bus sector such as autonomous trucks that will affect the tire manufacturers in near future. Regardless of these challenges, leading tire manufacturers continue to expand their truck tire plants and the sector continues to grow.

Our TBM Tire Conference are the only interactive business forum for senior level professionals for TBR tires with perfectly balanced mix from tire manufacturers, leading OEMs, suppliers and regulators.

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Source: http://www.tbmevolution.com